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Life and education

At the young age of 16, sculptor Christian Bolt, who was born in Uster in 1972, applied to the Schule für Holzbildhauerei (college of wood carving) in Brienz.
The initial skepticism of the school administrator concerning the very young age of this motivated candidate quickly dissipated when confronted with the obvious talent and determination of the young man to pursue an artistic career. About 4 years later, Bolt successfully completed his studies at the wood carving college in Brienz. Following this, he traveled and stayed abroad in Germany and in the USA. Back in Europe, the young sculptor moved to Italy, where he studied the technique and materials of sculpting as well as art history and anatomy at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Carrara with professor Ballocchi until 1999. His studies of Classicism and in particular Renaissance humanism eventually led him to Florence. As a student of well-known professor Antonio di Tommaso, who was the assistant of Marino Marini at that time, Bolt continued his studies in sculpture at Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence from 1999 to 2001, where he successfully completed a Master of Fine Arts. After completing his studies in Italy, Bolt has dedicated himself to sculpture, drawing, and painting and displays his work in various individual and group exhibits in Switzerland and abroad. This includes participation in the Open12 in Venice as well as participation in Art Cologne, Scope Basel, numerous exhibits in the renowned Galerie Rigassi in Bern, and a small exhibition in the museum Art St. Urban.
In addition to his busy exhibition activity, Christian Bolt has created large works such as the 2007-2009 sculpture “Trapasso” for the collector and owner of the Franz Gertsch Museum in the Gümligen Castle (BE) as well as a building-wide permanent artistic installation (2007) in Bank Frick in Liechtenstein.   

The work of the sculptor and painter, who now lives with his wife Dominique Krähenbühl and 3 sons in Klosters GR, attracts the attention of international collectors. For example, musician Sir Elton John has acquired 2 marble sculptures for his private collection.

In 2014, Christian Bolt became the 1st Swiss sculptor to be awarded the title of professor at Europe’s traditional and oldest art academy Accademia delle Arti del Disegno in Florence.


Existenz und Verifikation, 2021

Christian Bolt/Verlagshaus Seidel & Schütz, Zürich

Deutsch - English, Hardcover, 218 Seiten

ISBN  978-3-03846-059-6

Preis: 80.– sFr. (+Versandkosten)

Nummerierte Sonderedition mit Original (Öl auf Bütte)

Preis: 400.– (+Versandkosten)


la genesi della forma, 2014

Christian Bolt/Andrin Schütz

Deutsch - English, Softcover, 64 Seiten

ISBN  978-3-033-04671-9

Preis: 25.– sFr. (+Versandkosten)

Gegensatz - Contradiction, 2012

Christian Bolt

Deutsch - English, Hardcover, 96 Seiten

ISBN  978-3-033-03171-5

Preis: 40.– sFr. (+ Versandkosten)

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